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A 'classic' Flying Fifteen is defined as a sail number below 2701, and certain non - Windebank boats above 2701

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Flying 15 Classic Designs

Different Designs...

The Flying Fifteen is known as a 'restricted' class, which mean that some variation in hull shape and cockpit layout is allowed within measured limitations - this is done to allow owners to develop their boats to suit themselves, and also to allow hulls to be built by many different people without undue difficultly. However, as always happens, the allowed measurement tolerances can be exploited to subtly change the hull shape of the boat, and these changes, together with different materials and construction methods, means that some boats and some boatbuilders have a better reputation than others. In the Classic fleet, the general consensus of opinion is that the early 'Windebank' hulls are the type to have.

Roy Windebank designed a series of Flying Fifteen designs, starting in the late 1970's with the Mk1, with the 2,3,4 and 9 following over the next few years; new boats being built today are essentially a development of the '9', and although minor refinements are still taking place, this design is generally regarded as the end of the evolutionary cycle.

The differences between the designs is very minor and not worth getting too excited about, although it is generally acknowledged that the biggest jumps took place between '3' and '4', and '4' and '9' - so much so that the sailnumbers used to define the three Flying Fifteen fleets - Classic, Silver and Modern - are chosen to approximate when these design changeovers took place. Incidentally, if you're wondering why the designs jump straight from '4' to '9', that is because Roy made several copies of the Mk 4 mould, which he numbered 5,6,7 and 8.

Roy was himself a boatbuilder as well as a designer, and built many Flying Fifteens, although his moulds were also used by other builders both in the UK and abroad. The cache his boats attract (justified or not), and the fact that the design differences are invisible to the untrained eye, mean that many more Windebanks are advertised for sale now than were ever built in the first place!

2002 Nationals at Largs.
Photo Nick Kirk

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