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This section contains a series of pages on the main areas and systems. Alternatively you can download the whole lot as one PDF document (no images). You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view a PDF file. Get it here free.

In many ways this was the biggest - and most expensive - part of the whole project, but we were at least fortunate in being able to start from a completely blank canvas rather than working around numerous old systems and fittings as with most rebuilds of classic fifteens.

Again we copied the tried and tested Ovington layout as much as possible, tweaking where necessary to suit our boat. The end result has been very successful, with only a couple of minor changes needed in the light of experience. All the systems work properly, and the layout of the cockpit is probably simpler and less cluttered than any other Fifteen I have seen.

Rather than trying to describe each system in detail, some of the main features are listed below, together with several photos of the cockpit and decks from different angles.

Fitting Out Details

Finished - March 2001

The start - weighing 2663 using a strain guage.