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Spinnaker Up/Downhaul.

The spinnaker is chute-launched, and sits on top of the bow tank and side-tank when not in use. There has always been a theoretical risk that the spinnaker would get caught in the mast puller purchase that passes above it under the foredeck. Although this never actually happened we eventually added a mesh fabric cover when we took delivery of our new sails.

The spinnaker up and downhaul is a continuous 4mm pre-stretched line that is led to rear of the cockpit down one side of the boat, then back to the base of the mast along the centreline; two cleats are provided - one on the rear of the console to act on the uphaul, and one on the rear corner of the starboard side tank for the downhaul. In both cases the cleats can be operated from a wide variety of angles - being able to drop the spinnaker whilst hiking hard on an overpowered reach is especially helpful!

Spinnaker uphaul (front of pic - mounted on rear of console) and downhaul (back right of pic - mounted on side tank).