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Spinnaker Sheets

Conventional large cam cleats are mounted on the gunwhales just aft of the chainplates and behind the twinning lines (described later). The twinners are used to pull the guy down into these gunwhale cleats, which are then used to hold the spinnaker pole back on runs and broad reaches.

The continuous sheets themselves are made from tapered 4mm / 6mm white Spectra, and pass through blocks mounted at the aft end of the cockpit, before being led forward through turning blocks mounted under the side decks, just forward of the console. These forward blocks were originally ratchet blocks, but these were found to be unnecessary (Mike having strong arms!), and replaced with standard 25mm ball blocks.

In front of the blocks are large cam cleats, fitted with Harken roller-type front fairleads. These fairleads were a later addition, and enable the sheets to be pulled easily from funny side angles (such as when the helm is steering the spinnaker through a gybe).

The spinnaker sheet system on 2663 is particularly neat compared to other Fifteens I have sailed, as everything is tucked away beneath the side decks - it is not uncommon to see boats with the sheets running along the top of the decks where they (and the turning blocks and cleats) are constantly being sat on by the helm. As well as being uncomfortable this can be a major irritation for the crew when running, as the helm sitting on the sheet prevents it being adjusted.