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Rig Tension

The wire jib halyard ends in a loop, which exits the mast downwards through a slot in the mast wall. Attached to this loop via a hook is the top block in a 2:1 purchase (again using wire), which turns around the aforementioned block at the mast step and is led along the floor. Attached to the end of this wire is a second purchase system along the floor that is identical to that already described for the kicking strap, even down the to yellow rope, which is really confusing!

Finally the rig tension system is cleated vertically on the front face of the console, with the rope tail being returned beneath the floor where it is taken away by shockcord.

It is important to be able to replicate rig-tension settings, so the system is calibrated on the mast. The system wasn't designed to be adjustable whilst racing, so consequently the cleat can only really be operated whilst standing in the centre of the boat. This was probably a mistake as there are definitely some benefits to be had from dumping rig tension when running downwind. As it is we only tend to do so on really long downwind legs, and usually forget to put it back on before heading up wind again!

Rig tension control on the front of the console (yellow rope).