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Mast Ram & Mast Puller

Mast Ram

The mast ram (pusher) system operates in opposition to the mast puller, which is described later. Both systems originate from the mast lever, which hangs down underneath the foredeck approximately 12 inches in front of the mast. The lever is connected to the mast just below the gate by an aluminium strut, whilst from the bottom of the lever the two systems (ram and puller) are led backwards and forwards respectively.

In the case of the ram, a 4:1 rope purchase (using red 4mm spectra) is provided, which of course multiplies the purchase the lever itself provides. This line is then led down to the floor, and back to the top of the console.

Mast Puller

The mast puller is only used in light winds, so is led to the front bulkhead (aft end of foredeck), where it can be operated by the crew. Running forward from the mast lever is a 3:1 purchase system underneath the foredeck using yellow 4mm pre-stretched line, which then runs back and exits through one of three large plastic deck bushes that are set into the front bulkhead; behind each of these (and consequently very neatly hidden) is a cam cleat mounted upside-down.

It is obviously fairly important when using either the ram or puller to ensure that it's counterpart is released; both are fairly powerful systems, and damage could potentially occur if they were used against each other.

Mast ram /puller mounted under the fore deck.
Hidden cleats on the port side for furler and spinnaker hatch cover.