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Kicking Strap

As with most systems, the intention here was to hide away the mechanical bits as much as possible - where many boats have a complicated kicker purchase system 'on display' (and in the way of the crew) between the mast and boom, ours has a simple 5mm Spectra line (less potentially damaging than wire), which is led to a hidden purchase under the floor.

To facilitate fast rigging, a clip is used to fasten the Spectra line to the base of the mast, after which it passes around a block on the boom and returns to the mast step.

Attached to the mast step (the loads thus counteracted by mast compression) are two all-stainless 25mm ballraced blocks. These blocks are actually mounted on top of one another to keep them both on the centreline and as close to the mast as possible, and are also reinforced with extra stainless steel strapping to takes the loads. The 'bottom' block of these two is part of the rig-tension system (described later), whilst the 'top' block, which also incorporates a swivel, is for the kicking strap. This block turns the spectra line along the floor of the boat, where it is attached to a 19mm triple ball-block.

4mm pre-stretched line (yellow) runs between this triple block, and another one mounted under the console 'shelf' described earlier. Finally the two rope tails are led out sideways from each side of the shelf, across the floor and vertically up to cleats mounted on the inner-edge of the side deck.

The kicking strap is the only system which is led to the side decks in this way, as it is vital that it can be adjusted at all times even when the helm is fully hiked. All other systems are single-ended and are led the centre console.