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Jib Sheets

Expensive Frederiksen jib tracks are mounted on the inner side decks, adjusted by control lines (3mm purple Spectra) that are led around the front of the mast to cleats on the opposite side. Yellow 5mm shockcord led beneath the side decks pull the jib cars in the opposite direction.

In retrospect, we mounted the jib tracks slightly too low on the side decks, but rather than move them we have tended to keep the cars further back on the tracks, and use slightly less sheet tension to compensate.

The jib sheet turning blocks and cleats are mounted on custom-made alloy platforms opposite the console, with teak 'wedges' providing the right angle for the sheets to be cleated and uncleated easily in strong winds.

The loads imposed by the jib sheets tended to distort the side decks slightly, especially in strong winds; eventually (two years after the original fitting out) we got around to epoxying a wooden strut underneath each deck, from the back of the track to the gunwhale. At the same time some of the original foam stringers under the flat surface of the side decks were replaced by lightweight wooden struts. Although this added a little bit of weight, the combined effect was to completely eliminate the flexing (and cracking of paint) that had been taking place, and make the boat much nicer to sail.

Starboard jib track and cleat with light wind jib sheets in place (blue rope). Port car adjuster visible top left.
Twinning line and spinnaker cleats also visible.